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If you are in the market for a body piercing, you should carefully consider the studio you use before scheduling an appointment. You need to go to a location that will use high quality jewelry for your piercing rather than cheap, low end jewelry. Here at Mad Tatters Studios, we use "Metal Mafia," a high end body jewelry, for piercings. We also take all of the appropriate cleaning and health precautions to ensure your safety.

Our trained staff can perform body piercings above the belt, and we have successfully completed numerous piercings throughout the years, resulting in dozens of satisfied customers. Whether you want something as simple as your ears pierced or you would rather have a tongue piercing, lip piercing, nose ring, or other body piercing, we have the equipment and the skills to handle the job.

We pierce using needles and our device is sanitized in a hospital quality autoclave sterilizer. It is heated to remove any blood particles and any contaminants to ensure the safety of everyone who gets a piercing from us. Here at Mad Tatters Studios, we take your health and our work seriously. Why would you consider going anywhere else?

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